So why is the number 13 upside down?

This year’s logo was designed with tribute to the tradition of cyclists to pin their number upside down in case they got “13” as their race number. A superstitious tradition of battling against the “unlucky 13”.

This tradition is so common in the world of bicycle racing that it has its own rule in the Velominati Rules, and we quote:

“If you draw race number 13, turn it upside down. Paradoxically, the same mind that holds such control over the body is also woefully fragile and prone to superstitious thought. It fills easily with doubt and is distracted by ancillary details. This is why the tape must always be perfect, the machine silent, the kit spotless. And, if you draw the unlucky number 13, turn it upside down to counteract its negative energy.”

We wanted to have some fun as we payed tribute to the odd and crazy traditions of the sport of cycling, while much like the “big game,” holding to our own habit of proudly numbering Fat & Skinny Tire Fest simply with our iconic emblem and the current number of annual occurrences of this great event.

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